"The 12X's of Success" - DVD

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For years audiences of all types have been raving about the timeless concepts covered in this 2-hour presentation. Rather than being industry specific or job title focused, the 12X's relies on a series of proven and time-tested principles. All twelve can be universally applied to - and in all kinds of - settings.

Using humor, magic, and involvement activities, the 12X's will show you how to make progress on purpose in both your professional and personal life.

The 12X's include xpanded reflections on the following principles:
  • Xtract a dream - the power of goals
  • Xamine everything - get out of those ruts
  • Xchange non-essentials - time to purge
  • Xpose yourself to winners - the impact of role models
  • Xpect opposition - don't get knocked off course
  • Xtend a helping hand - givers are getters
  • Xhibit an attitude of confidence - attitude is contagious
  • Xpress your visions to others - getting others on board
  • Xplore all possible avenues - consider new options
  • Xercise effort - going the extra mile
  • Xclude negative thinkers - don't let them pull you down
  • Xceed normal expectations - going above and beyond

You will learn the skills and attitudes that all successful people and leaders strive to master in order to positively impact the world around them.

Product Format: DVD Video
Video Length: 2 hours
Item Number: 12Xs-DVD

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