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For over 35 years, the focus of Weber Associates has been Employee Engagement. We train with the purpose of helping customers reach their maximum potential. Partnering with organizations like FedEx, Aflac, Bank of America and many others, we've helped them achieve their unique goals through a variety of delivery methods. Whether in a hilarious 1-hour keynote presentation, a hands-on time management workshop, or an in-depth diagnostic program with measurable assessment tools …we'll impact the employees in your workplace, as well as your return-on-investment (ROI).

Companies that invest in their employees develop employees that are immersed in their company's success!

From exciting keynote speeches to content filled full day training sessions, we have something for everyone!

Are you looking for one of the Stories, Poems, or Handouts you heard about in a Presentation?

Download it here.

Filming, Editing, Audio, CD and DVD Duplication.

We have a service to meet your needs.